Photos of Ken Green at various speaking engagements, Hall of Fame Induction, Humboldt Park, Ken Green’s Grade School, Mingo Rip’s Apartment, Police Chief, etc…:

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Green at Decalogue

Lakeshort Mens Club


Temple Chai














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  1. Mitch Cohen says:

    Fantastic Man. A real Man. Accomplished his dream after being thrown out of High School and rejected by those who had more than he. Served honorably in the U.S.Army, Korea,
    A gentleman of the first order. Loyal to a fault. My friend for life.
    Mitch Cohen

  2. Richie Annenberg says:

    Hi, my name is Richie Annenberg, grew up on Division St. (between Washtonaw and Rockwell) during the 40’s and 50’s went to Roosevelt HIgh (and Tuley, and Von Humboldt and La Fayette) hung out at Jack Weber’s Pool Room as did some of my Uncle’s. Was an usher at the Harmony Theater (very short stint) my mom worked at the various bakerys on Division St and my uncles owned the gas station on Division and California (just south of Division St on the east side of the street…by the alley) I saw the group photo on-line from your book, I think I’m in that photo. Where can I purchase a copy of your book? PS Before Ricky’s and The Humboldt Spot on Division and California there was a Walgreen’s Drug store there…memories…looking forward to getting your book, R

  3. Richie Annenberg says:

    Hi Ken, so kind of you to respond, I just received a copy of your book from Amazon and have been skimming through it intending to attack it with joyous gusto this coming week. I to try getting back to the old neighborhood whenever I get back to Chicago. I’ve been living here in L A since 1968. (Living in Westwood) Yep, I too got kicked out of Roosevelt HIgh, had to go back to Tuley get my grades up ( to get back into Roosevelt. And beg Principal O’Brian to get back in) Just a few of the names you mentioned…Arnie Orleans (who also went on to an illustrious career in the music business), Jerry Blumenthal, Billy Shlifka…his sister Ruthie was one tough broad who kicked a lot of guys butts. Syd and Jerry Peskin, Andy Bushardi. Zeke could throw you out from Division and California if home plate was on Kedzie and North Ave. Also just a slight correction, my Uncle Irv Landesman was the youngest of his siblings and the only one born here in the states. I used to wash Alderman Keane’s car on the week-ends. Quick question, (if you have time to answer) where was the group photo of the presentation of the trophy taken? I’m not a thousand per cent certain, but I think that’s me near the center of the back row. Thanks, all the best, Richie Annenberg 🙂 PS My mom worked at Rosens Bakery.

    • ken green says:

      Richie: Sorry it wasn’t you in the photo{looks like you] but all club members.
      Didn’t your Mother own a hot dog stand?
      I’m leaving for Chicago on Monday for one week [book tour] but want to see you when I get back.
      We have a lot of history.
      Best, buddy.

  4. Richie Annenberg says:

    Wow, what a memory, yeah, we did have a hot dog stand on Western and Walton, right on the corner of the used car lot. Ken, I’m very impressed. You’re right, a lot of history. Aside from the war going on and a lot of the guys from the neighborhood away fighting…I really loved our neighborhood. Did you live on Evergreen? I know I’m a few years older than you…1934 but you remember a ton of the guys I grew up with and hung out with, i e Arnie Orleans (he and my cousin Harold Henning remain close to this very day) I’m sure you must remember Jack Budofsky. Both my sister and parents got married at the Galitsianer Shul. And I do remember Richard Tucker during the High Holidays. And Rabbi Eichenstien buried most of my family, from Gratch Mandel Funeral Parlor on Division St. I Would love to get together, a lot to talk about. Please at your convenience, shoot me an e-mail when you get back. All the best, Richie PS Oh yeah, another paralle I got kicked out of hebrew school and was never Bar Mitzva’d either. Went to law school but had to drop out for a 2nd open heart surgery, and never went back.

  5. ken green says:

    You are my clone and yes, I was born on Evergreen.
    My E Mail address is
    Let’s have lunch when I get back from Chicago.
    Check out my web site for more memories:

  6. ken green says:

    Contact Freddie Rosen.
    He said his Mom bought your bike from his Mom for $10 in 1949 and now it has a flat.
    Law suit coming!

  7. Johnny Dark says:

    A class act. Ken Green. Great pictures, proving the previous statement. I’m from Division Street.
    Sounds like a movie might just be the next step. Break a leg Ken. Your new Pal, Johnny Dark

  8. Ken Green says:

    I am honored to be your friend, Johnny.

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