Welcoming Jeremey Williams into the California Boxing Hall of Fame, October, 2016.



Inducting Barney Ross into the California Boxing Hall of Fame, October, 2016.

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California Boxing Hall of Fame 2011 Program.
Ken was an M.C. for the event on June 25, 2011

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Golden Gloves boxer, Boilermakers union VP
Michael “Woody” Wood, dead at 93 from cardiac arrest

His Golden Gloves fists helped him fight for his union – and feed his family.  Michael “Woody” Wood grew up in Humboldt Park, the oldest of four children of Russian and Polish Jews.  His father worked for a clothing workers’ union.  Young Woody’s neighborhood was “a hothouse for gangsters,” according to a 1919 Chicago Daily News story.  It produced outsized personalities and talents like movie-maker Mike Todd and authors Nelson Algren and Saul Bellow.  Kids there learned to keep their wits sharp and their dukes up.  Woody found a haven at the Deborah Boys Club, then at 2441 W. Division Street.  The club, founded by a Jewish women’s organization, was a refuge for him and the other wisenheimers and toughies looking for a place to belong.  At one of his bouts, he faced off against an Italian fighter who, as an insult, wore a Jewish star on the seat of his pants.  Woody trounced him.  And, as he told it, for months afterward, every Jewish restaurant on Division Street fed him for free.

Maureen O’Donnell, Chicago Sun Times, June 15, 2013


2 Responses to Boxing…

  1. Johnny Dark says:

    Wow! And to think now we are friends. I so very proud to know you. I was in the Army from 1967 to 1969. Not a great time to be a soldier, But I made SP. 5, And worked for the 504th MP co. at Fort Eustis, Va. Civil war country. Then over to Fort Mc Phearson, Atlanta, Ga. It must be amazing to be in the Ca. Boxing hall of fame. I also did of tour of Korea entertaining the troops at Camp Bonavis, Named after the murdered Capt. Bonavis. I was all along the DMZ with our boys. and
    proud to be with them.. I will continue my tour of your Web Site. Mighty impressive. A pal for all
    season’s Johnny Dark. PS. your book sounds great.

  2. Ken Green says:

    Next time I see you, I will give you a signed copy of the book.
    What you have done with your life, Johnny, is AMAZING!!
    You are my new buddy for life!

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