I’m From Division Street…

As a child he was tortured by other kids for not fitting in. As a teenager he was branded a social outcast because he went to a “classy” high school, and was later thrown out of. As a young man he decided he wanted more from life than the people living on Division Street. After an Army stint, he worked his way through school, became a criminal defense attorney and professor at UCLA.

I’m From Division Street offers readers a glimpse into the personal path Ken Green has chosen as well as delightful stories of the people that have helped shaped his life. It is a book that doesn’t hold back the details of this man’s struggles along life’s path.

To order a copy of I’m From Division Street, simply click on the link below or the book cover. Interviews and journalist review copies are available upon request.

Click here to order your copy: http://www.amazon.com/Im-Division-Street-Kenneth-Green/dp/1434322068?ie=UTF8


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4 Responses to I’m From Division Street…

  1. Rafael Ruelas says:

    Ken, congratulations on your life. It is truly a good example that people can learn from, be enrouraged by and use to motivate them selves to persistently pursue their dreams no matter what. I personally know Ken and admire his determination to continue fighting his way through life as a true chanpion fights even amongs the toughest opponents. I appreciate your book, your friendship and the effort you place in helping other people with their lives.

    You’re a champion, Ken!

  2. ken green says:

    Rafael Ruelas is the ex Lightweight Champion Of The World.

  3. Eric Bloom says:

    Ken – my father grew up on Divison; we were coming from Lincoln Park Zoo in 1950, stopped by Webber’s pool hall and that’s where I found out I had polio. Used to get my hair cut at Nate the barber, Izzie Mandel proposed to my late aunt Yetta and the film maker Jerry Blumenthal was my cousin. And I remember the wooden tables and yellow mustard jars at Pierce’s – Jerry’s grandmother lived above it and went to the shul behind – my mom’s father went to the Galitzianer shul across from the park

    Eric Bloom
    Los Angeles

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