About The Author…

Ken Green grew up on Division Street; one of Chicago’s roughest areas. He was thrown out of high school because he followed the rules too closely: never wear short pants and never bring books home. In fact, he never read an entire book until he entered college!

He enlisted in the Army with his best friend, who had managed to convince him that together, they would be the first two Jewish Generals. Ken served in Korea; his friend got a psychiatric discharge. After his tour of duty, Ken entered college while driving a taxi cab and selling cash registers. Becoming determined to make a better life for himself, Ken went to Law School by night while teaching High School days.

After passing the bar and spending several years practicing law, Ken became a public defender in Los Angeles County and eventually worked his way up to Chief, where he supervised 400 criminal defense attorneys. In addition, he has been an adjunct professor at a UCLA extension for over 30 years.

In 2007, he graduated from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy at the age of 68, fulfilling a lifelong dream of becoming a reserve police officer. Shortly thereafter he was hired as an instructor at that academy.

Ken Green currently resides in Sherman Oaks, California, with his wife Maureen. They have a son Joey, daughter-in-law Christina, and granddaughter Natasia and grandson Nathaniel.


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One Response to About The Author…

  1. Jim Floyd says:

    Hey Ken,

    Great idea! Very easy to navigate and no klugie pages or links. Who pulled this all together anyway? Looks very professional to this old dog.

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